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#NeighbourDOOD Merchant Support Scheme

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The Tree Stationery
Located in Causeway Bay's downtown area, the Tree Stationery Co. is a trendy little shop selling exquisite products hand-made and hand-crafted by local designers, creators, and craftsmen. Different types of artistic workshops are also being held here.
2/F, 10 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay
Happy Cake Shop
Happy Cake Shop has been in Wan Chai for more than 40 years. The shop uses the highest quality ingredients to make every single traditional Hong Kong-style bread and pastry by hand, such as piglet biscuits and cream puffs. This is a quaint place where customers can find back the taste of tradition.
New Shop: Lee On Shopping Centre M-LO23, Ma On Shan
Sindart 先達商店
For more than half a century, Sindart has offered handmade embroidered shoes for sale. The third owner of the shop, Miru Wong combines exquisite traditional embroidery with modern shoemaking techniques to ensure that each pair of handmade shoes reflects the craftsman's dedication to the art.
Shop 16-17, 1/F, Bowring Commercial Centre, 150-164 Woosung Street, Kowloon
Tai Wo Tang Café
Tai Wo Tang Cafe resides in a renovated traditional Chinese medicine hall along a classic arcade building. The shop space has been given a new lease of life, transforming from dispensing medicinal herbs to delicious coffee, wonderfully demonstrating how the old and new can come together to create new synergy.
24 Nga Tsin Long Road, Kowloon City
Bike The Moment Store
Biking Is Never Limited introduced the Japanese tokyobike into Hong Kong in order to promote waste reduction. The shop sells bicycles, related accessories, and organises the occasional bicycle tour and exhibition, gathering the vitality of the community.
Unit A6, 12/F, Mai Hing Industrial Building Block A, 16-18 Hing Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon
#NeighbourDOOD Merchant Support Scheme

Shop Story

With 60 years of experience in soy sauce making, Chef Chow, despite rising costs, has always insisted on making his own sauces, with the full support of the neighbourhood.
G/F, 413 Un Chau Street, Cheung Sha Wan
Hawk Advertising
Mak Kam-sang, is now the only hand-painted acrylic mini bus sign maker in Hong Kong, first founded his store in 1978. In addition to making signs for minibus, he has moved with the times to also create key rings and custom-written cards – which have become popular souvenirs full of Hong Kong memories.
M/F, 39 Battery Street, Yau Ma Tei
Kung Wo Beancurd Factory
Since the 1960s, Kung Wo has been cooking soy products with traditional methods, providing fresh, hand-made soy products every day. The high-quality products are at competitive prices, making them popular among the community.
G/F, 116 C Pei Ho Street, Sham Shui Po
Present Living HK
Present Living HK supports the local organic market by procuring fresh local vegetables every week. They encourage customer to bring their own bags and support naked shopping and zero plastics. They also sells drinks in recyclable containers, as well as phonograph records.
Shop 215, 2/F, Richland Gardens Shopping Centre, 80 Wang Kwong Rd, Kowloon Bay
Fair Circle
As a member of the World Fair Trade Organisation, Fair Circle actively promotes fair trade by selling organic healthy products, and handicrafts produced by artisans and women from rural villages. They helps over 350 thousand marginalised producers and communities from more than 30 countries around the world annually.
Shop 267, 2/F, Kings Wing Plaza 1, Shek Mun, Sha Tin
Dignity Kitchen
Dignity Kitchen is a Singapore social enterprise that deals mainly with well-known Singapore specialties such as laksa and Hainanese chicken rice. They diligently train the disabled and disadvantaged with the goal of helping them cultivate self-reliance.
2/F, 618 Shanghai street, Mong Kok
Xavi Soap - Yope
Xavi Soap products are cruelty-free and completely natural, made by Poland's YOPE with plant components of excellent quality using a hypoallergic formula. This results in products that are gentle even on a young child's sensitive skin.
Shop G10, G/F, OP Mall, 100 Tai Ho Rd, Tsuen Wan
Hello Cocoa
Hello Cocoa was established by Louie as a social enterprise to help autistic children achieve independence while also training youths with special needs to become chocolate makers. Their chocolate has special flavours such as tangerine peel, pepper, and ginger.
Shop 172A5, 1/F, Kings Wing Plaza 2, Shek Mun, Sha Tin
Handsbox Leather Workshop was established for leather craft enthusiasts. It offers a variety of DIY leather classes designed to teach participants how to make leather wallets, belts, or other accessories. The result is a unique souvenir to be cherished or gifted to someone.
Flat A28, 2/F, Wing Cheung Industrial Building, 58 Kwai Cheong Road, Kwai Hing
The owner of Roar2gather, Fi has always been a fan of knotwork and knitting. Fi promotes the art of macrame with workshops where participants learn to incorporate macrame elements into bags and hanging decorations used in daily life, drawing closer to each other through these artistic threads as a result.
Flat A8, 14/F, Block 1, Koon Wah Mirror Factory (6th) Industrial Building, 7-9 Ho Tin Street, Tuen Mun
HANAAROMA encourages workshop participants to integrate Japanese flower art into their lives. Participants will create their very own Japanese aromatic soap that combines flowers with Aroma and learn more about Japanese-style preserved flower art in the process.
Flat B (Vanilla Garden), LG/F, Block 1, Kingswin Industrial Building, 32-50 Lei Muk Road, Kwai Chung
Luminouss Studio
Candles made in Luminouss Studio look like exquisite dessert pieces. Whether hobbyists or those seeking to be professionally certified by the Korea Candle Craft Association, there's a workshop for everyone here! The beautifully realistic-looking candles produced in these classes are bound to give participants a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.
Flat B7, 3/F, Lofter Hub, Ka To Factory Building, 2 Cheung Yue Street, Cheung Sha Wan
Gold Garden Cafe
Gold Garden Cafe's famous puff pastry egg tarts constantly attract many foodies from Cheung Sha Wan and other districts into its doors. The cafe exudes a comfortable and familiar Hong Kong-style cafe vibe that has been its theme for 20 years and counting.
G/F, 314 Castle Peak Road, Cheung Sha Wan
Mui Kee Cookfood Stall
The main attraction of Mui Kee Cookfood Stall is fried food that has been cooked at the perfect temperature. One such signature dish is the Filled Chinese Doughnut. Beer is served in Chinese classic bowls for hearty drinking with companions. The shop started as an open-air stall before moving into a food court. Now, it is conveniently located in a shopping mall for higher quality service and maximum comfort.
Flat B, 2/F, Witty Commercial Building, 1A-1L Tung Choi Street, Mong Kok
For more than 60 years, Yat Lok has been serving Siu Mei prepared using a special family recipe. The restaurant's crispy-skin roast geese are chargrilled in an exclusively-owned factory. The restaurant has received one Michelin star for seven consecutive years since 2015 - a testament to the wonderful tastes it provides. No wonder their cuisine has won the hearts of many domestic and international visitors alike!
G/F, 34-38 Stanley Street, Central
Mikawaya is a Japanese-style eatery that has been delighting customers in Hung Hom for more than 10 years. In the past, the shop was managed by Japanese staff, but it has since been handed over to the next generation of apprentices. The eatery's famous Kabayaki Eel With Rice is great hit among local residents.
G/F, 14 Ming On Street, Hung Hom
Century Store was established in the 60s and has been producing refreshing coconut water for the public ever since. Bits of freshly shredded coconut remain in the drink, enhancing its flavour and texture. The owner has been personally involved in the making this signature To Kwa Wan beverage for more than 50 years.
28-32 Tam Kung Road, To Kwa Wan
Sing Lee Shrimp Sauce & Paste Manufactor
Sing Lee Shrimp Sauce & Paste Manufactor is a well-known name in Tai O, having passed down a great-tasting shrimp paste and shrimp sauce recipe from generation to generation. The owner's production philosophy - which he firmly adheres to - is that the best paste can only be made with the right ingredients under the right conditions. This is a major reason why the factory's paste has remained natural and fresh all this time.
10 Shek Tsai Po Street, Tai O
Seon Hong Kong
Seon Hong Kong specialises in selling thermos bottles, vacuum insulated food jars, houseware, stationery, and other items featuring familiar and nostalgic designs from around Hong Kong, so that all can enjoy a fond trip down memory lane through their products. Customers looking for something more unique can also make a custom order for personalised products.
Shop 107, 1/F, Central Market, 93 Queen's Road Central, Central
Savour Life
The goal of Savour Life is to connect people to the tasty flavours in life. Helmed by a young married couple, their passion about food is reflected in their attitude towards cooking. They prepare all sorts of Chinese-style marinated and pickled cuisine, using ingredients like hot and numbing peppers, alcohol, or sweet and sour sauces to give customers a sumptuous treat they'll never forget.
B2 Floor, K11 Musea, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Rustically Handmade
The main product Rustically Handmade sells is specialty sauces. All of their sauces are suitable for people following a low-carb or ketogenic diet, and some of them are completely vegan as well. All of the sauces here, including chilli oil, Korean-style hot paste, and other specialty sauces are 100% handmade by Hong Kong residents for that local and personal touch.
If you like beer handmade the traditional way, the GurBeer is the place you want to be. Established by an avid fan of craft beer, the shop is stocked with craft beer from different countries, regions, and of all flavours. Every sip of drink conveys the care and effort put in by the brewer to create the best-tasting beer that will fully delight the senses of connoisseurs everywhere.
Enjoy a variety of tastes with 5 Flavours and their delicious delicacies, which include a series of instant classic Chinese cuisine such as abalone and fish maw, preserved vegetables with minced meat, and spicy duck's tongue. Seasonal ingredients are used and the food is prepared without additives for maximum freshness. Now you too can enjoy restaurant-quality food in the comfort of your own home!
Man Lee Yuen Poon Choi
Man Lee Yuen Poon Choi is a specialty store that has been preparing and serving the same premium-tasting poon choi (big bowl feast) since its establishment 52 years ago. They also pioneered the hotpot-style poon choi that can be said to have driven Hong Kong's poon choi culture. In recent years, they've developed a mini 2-person poon choi portion to cater to smaller families.
11 Yuen Long On Ning Rd, Yuen Long
Wah Yuen Dessert
The ordinary-looking Wah Yuen Dessert is actually a hawker store that has made it to the Michelin recommended street food list for three years! Each bowl of dessert sold here has been handmade with the utmost care. Visitors can look forward to enjoying great-tasting dessert like a warm and sweet bowl of bean soup or a refreshingly cold mango pomelo sago, amongst other reasonably priced items.
G/F, 38 Shung Ling Street, Wong Tai Sin
Kei O Limited
Kei O Limited specialises in selling traditional Chinese sweets, and one of the shop's most widely recognised signature product is their Peanut brittle. For more than 20 years, the shop has sold freshly made traditional snacks to customers - all handmade to preserve the original taste. In recent years, in response to health demands, the snacks are being made with less sugar as well.
Shop F & G, 36 Castle Peak Road, Yuen Long (Yau San Street)
Shu Kee Shop first opened in 1942 and it is the most popular specialty shop in Hong Kong for tofu skin. The tofu skin made in the shop is soft, aromatic, and also very suitable for making traditional Chinese sweet soup. The shop owner has also been actively developing new products like tofu skin ice-cream in order to bring the brand to the next level.
Shop 2A, G/F, Pauline Building, 15 Heung Sze Wui Street, Tai Po Hui
Kady Jadey
Established by a full-time mother, Kady Jadey started out with the goal of sharing tips among parents on how to read with their children. The movement grew into an online shop, then an actual storefront. The children's illustration books being sold here have been carefully selected to promote reading culture among parents and children.
VESSEL 02, Kwun Tong Promenade, 90 Hoi Bun Road, Kwun Tong
BusMe sells toy versions of Hong Kong buses and transportation tools. Visitors can also build their own unique bus models as a gift for someone or to keep in their private collection.
E20, 2/F, Selwyn Factory Building, 404 Kwun Tong road, Kwun Tong
Ever since the 1960s, Pottinger Street Newspaper Stand has been a witness to the changing of times and seasons from its quiet little corner in the Central District. The stand faithfully delivers the latest headlines to residents before daybreak every day.
21 Stanley Street, Central
Arno Sport
Established by former Hong Kong finswimming athlete Arnald Lam, ARNO SPORT is built on his personal experience and deep understanding of the importance of reliable sporting equipment. Arnald also offers professional advice to customers without charge and helps them pick out training gear using information from sports science aimed at reducing risk of injury.
CL139-140, Western Solo. No. 133-134, Connaught Road West, Western District
Tasty Choices
Tasty Choices strives to bring premium quality food ingredients, food products, tonic dumplings, flavoured teas, fish maw, dried foodstuff, Hong Kong waxed meat, and other goods to all local residents. Their signature product is the golden monk fruit, a delicious delicacy known as the king of fruits whose reputation has attracted many customers to the store.
Unit 10, 2/F, Genplas Factory Building, 56 Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong
Chou Leather
All leather products in CHOU LEATHER have been designed and handcrafted by shop staff. The shop also organises leather classes and workshops here in conjunction with different fairs. The purpose is to promote leather design and make among interested ones by allowing them to have some hands-on experience with the crafting process.
Unit 715, 7/F, Tower B, Alexandra Industrial Building, Cheung Sha Wan
The name of the shop, REstore, is meant to be a combination of "re-" and "-store" (as in a shop). This is in line with its purpose to revive the use of traditional crafts like hand-carved mahjong tiles, mini plastic signage, and embroidered slippers in modern society. They also work together with industry experts to hold workshops that allow the younger generation to learn more about these traditional crafts.
102B&C, 1/F, 618 Shanghai Street, Mong Kok
Kee Heung Chun Tea Company
Kee Heung Chun Tea Company was established in 1938 and is currently being run by the third generation. The founding family was from Chaozhou. For more than 80 years, they have been serving excellent tea leaves and promoting tea culture to customers, whom the founder fondly calls "my friends". In this shop, you'll find over 100 types of loose leaf teas from all over the world, including perennial favourites like Oolong, aged pu'er, and jasmine green tea.
30A Belcher's Street
NACASA Café & Bar
The concept behind NACASA Café & Bar is a luxurious blend of Morocco and Turkey-style designs, featuring plenty of stained glass hanging lamps and decorative tiles everywhere you turn. The exotic-looking shop is a relaxing cafe in the day and a snazzy bar after dark.
G/F, 5 Wa Lane, Sheung Wan, Sheung Wan
Street Cats Hostel and Pet Products
Street Cats Hostel and Pet Products was established to rescue stray and abandoned cats. To date, the hostel has taken in over 50 cats, some of which have been adopted out since. The shop holds charity bazaars for healthy pet food and products to raise funds for day-to-day operations that will help to keep the cats in the hostel healthy and allow them to help other needy cats on the streets.
Unit M, 6/F, Kwun Tong Industrial Centre Phase Three, Kwun Tong
C'lovercraft Workshop
C'lovercraft Workshop is an atelier for people to learn more about Japanese-style preserved flowers. The founder worked as an accountant for many years before discovering a passion for handicraft. She is deeply involved in the preserved flowers art industry and organises workshops to help others come to know about the joy of producing their own preserved flower artpieces by hand as well.
Unit D, 14/F, Wing Kiu Building, 530 Nathan Road, Yau Ma Tei
La Casa Burger & Pasta
In Italian, "La Casa" means "home", and the cosy atmosphere of home dinners is exactly what La Casa Burger & Pasta strives to present. The shop's Italian-style hospitality can be seen in their signature dish - a simple but tasty cheeseburger made with different combinations of meat patties, vegetables, and sauces. Each combination has its unique flavour, but all food here is designed to make anyone feel right at home!
G/F, 2 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan
My Ahjussi
Located in Tai Kok Tsui, My Ahjussi is a small but trendy-looking cafe that serves a wide variety of Korean cuisine. The combination of a pleasant decor and good food has certainly drawn many gourmets through the cafe's doors. The shop also seeks to fulfil its corporate social responsibility by employing deaf-mute baristas and autistic minors in order to support them and help them grow in society.
G/F, 39 Tai Tsun Street, Tai Kok Tsui
Very Spicy Cold Noodles
Spice seekers rejoice! Very Spicy Cold Noodles is a restaurant you do not want to miss out on. The spicy sauce for their signature spicy cold noodles dish is an original blend made by frying four different types of chilli peppers together. There are six tiers to the spiciness of this sauce for your taste buds to challenge. Another signature dish to try here is the super spicy coriander crab and cold noodles. This interesting combination will be hard to resist for coriander fans!
Shop 89, G/F, Fu Shing Building, 9 Sai Ching Street, Yuen Long
Alive Eatery By Alive Food
Alive Eatery By Alive Food started as a bakery in Sham Shui Po selling sourdough bread made using original recipes. Now as a cafe, it serves vegan finger food, a wide range of toast and sandwiches made from sourdough, as well as vegan beverages! Perfect for the modern city dweller in need of an occasional palate cleansing.
G/F, 131 Yu Chau Street, Sham Shui Po
Arte By Padaria
The artistic cakes of Arte By Padaria were first sold on an online shop and made a name for themselves with their fun and exciting unique shapes, like a lady's high heel shoe and a fairytale pumpkin coach! This is a novelty dessert that tastes every bit as good as it looks. Your taste buds are in for a treat they'll never forget!
Shop SHW 2, Sheung Wan MTR station, Sheung Wan
Shuigechufang was opened by gourmet and travel columnist Walter Kei. Unable to leave Hong Kong due to pandemic restrictions, he decided to try his hand at making pineapple cakes himself and has created many unconventional flavours for them, such Chinese cinnamon and hot and savoury, since starting the endeavour. Walter can now add "Pineapple Patissier" to his list of occupations!
Unit 11, 8/F, Chai Wan Industrial City Phase 2, Chai Wan