Spend consumption vouchers with your OctopusEasily Earn Everyday

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Octopus has prepared more exciting rewards this year for the second instalment voucher under the 2023 Consumption Voucher Scheme. With Easy Earn, you can use your consumption vouchers easily and earn more while you spend!

With more than 170,000 acceptance points, you can spend your vouchers easily by continuing to use Octopus. This year, we will offer flash cash coupons. The whole city will share 1,000,000 flash cash coupons, and you’re just one click away from earning yours!

New customers can also enjoy an additional Welcome And Switching Offer by using Mobile Octopus to collect consumption vouchers!

Continue to use Octopus to spend consumption vouchers this year and let’s Take It Easy together!

3 Big Rewards: Ongoing Surprises!*

Whether you’re a new or existing customer, you can enjoy a series of surprise rewards during the voucher disbursement period. Helping you spend easily and earn more at the same time. Take It Easy every day!

Flash Cash Coupons (The promotion has ended. Thank you for your support.)


1,000,000 coupons in 4 weeks

Open the Octopus App and grab your flash cash coupons from popular Easy Earn merchants. Available for 4 consecutive weeks during 18 July to 11 August 2023¹! Just click and join Easy Earn to participate!

¹Available on Mondays to Fridays (Total 19 days)

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Merchant Offers


Total value over $100,000,000

Octopus App users can get offers as you spend your consumption vouchers! Earn as you eat, shop and have fun! One app brings you discounts from merchants large and small. Open the app at any time and download coupons for your favorite merchants. The total value on offer is more than $100,000,000!

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Mobile Octopus Welcome And Switching Offer


Up to $100

Exclusive for New customers! During the promotion period, register to collect your consumption voucher with your Octopus on the Government Consumption Voucher Scheme website and you can earn up to $100 Octopus Top-up Value!

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*Terms and conditions apply

Two easy steps to make consumption vouchers even more convenient

It’s even easier with Octopus App

You can collect both your consumption vouchers and public transport subsidy through your Octopus App with a single tap! Simply download Octopus App, register your Octopus Card, and you can keep track of your consumption voucher spending while enjoying useful functions such as topping up anytime, offers and rewards, and even online shopping!

Download Octopus App now

Add your Octopus to your mobile device for extra convenience!

With no QR code, you can simply use your Octopus on Mobile to pay without having to unlock your phone or worry about patchy reception. You can use it even with your mask on. Spend your vouchers the simple way!

Use Octopus on Mobile now

It’s so easy to spend vouchers with your Octopus!

Register to Collect your Consumption Vouchers with Octopus

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Check Your Octopus Number

For smooth registration get your Octopus number ready now.

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Register your Octopus in Octopus App

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  • Open the Octopus App Octopus App icon and tap Octopus Octopus Card icon on the home screen
  • Tap “+” button at the top right corner
  • Input Octopus number
  • Place your Octopus at the back of your mobile device*
    *NFC-enabled mobile device

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Collect the vouchers and check collection records

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Collect the vouchers

  • Log in to the Octopus App Octopus App icon
  • Tap “Consumption Voucher” Consumption Voucher icon
  • Select the registered Octopus to collect the vouchers
  • Tap “Collect”
    (Place your Octopus to the NFC area of your mobile device to collect the vouchers; Mobile Octopus users can collect the vouchers with just a tap)
  • Done! Display record of successful collection, and use your consumption vouchers!
    (The Stored Value Limit of Octopus Card is $3,000, you can collect your consumption vouchers in increments until the entire amount of consumption voucher has been collected)

Check collection records

  • Log in to the Octopus App Octopus App icon
  • Tap “Consumption Voucher” Consumption Voucher icon
  • Select your registered Octopus, then you see the collected and uncollected consumption voucher amount
  • Tap “Collection Details” on the top left corner to enquire the collection records

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Check spending records

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  • Log in to the Octopus App Octopus App icon
  • Tap “Consumption Voucher” Consumption Voucher icon
  • Select your registered Octopus, then you can see the cumulative total “eligible spending”
  • Tap “Spending details” on the bottom right corner to enquire the eligible spending details

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