Collecting Consumption Voucher and Review Spending Records with Octopus App is Fast and Easy!

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Use Octopus card wherever you shop! Retail outlets accepting Octopus card now span across Hong Kong, covering all your needs! You can use Octopus card to pay for electrical and electronic equipment, online shopping, Chinese and Western restaurant bills, fashion, jewelry, sports equipment, home goods and more. You can enjoy the all-round convenience, and spend your consumption vouchers with ease.

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Spending and rewards all at your fingertips

Use the Octopus App and be rewarded!

Spending — on track! Rewards — no problem! Just download the Octopus App to understand your consumption vouchers usage, and discover exclusive offers at the same time! Register early for up to $118 Octopus Top-Up Value. Enjoy over $10,000 merchant offers! Use the Octopus App, an array of benefits are waiting for you!

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Your Octopus card is ready! Just register with it!

Use your standard anonymous Octopus card, personalised Octopus card, or Octopus Card on Mobile for registration!

Collect your consumption vouchers with Octopus card takes no extra work! Whether your Octopus card is a physical card, Octopus Card on Mobile, or any Octopus products, all you need is your Octopus number to register at the Government’s Consumption Voucher Scheme Website!

Last chance! Remember to register online at the Government’s Consumption Voucher Scheme Website before 14 August! Take it Easy!

Take It Easy! The town is buzzing for the consumption vouchers, and Octopus is also joining the party by inviting beloved singers Eman Lam and Ian Chan to perform the theme song “Take It Easy”, celebrating our everyday connection with Octopus. Be it daily spending, transport, shopping, or parking, spending your consumption vouchers with Octopus card is just that easy!

Use consumption vouchers with Octopus card

  • Register early to receive up to $118 Octopus Top-Up Value
  • Enjoy merchant offers worth more than $10,000

#NeighbourDOOD Merchant Support Scheme

Let’s support local shops with Octopus! Our #NeighbourDOOD Merchant Support Scheme looks for authentically Hong Kong neighbourhood shops!  Whether you are a shop owner, a friendly neighbour, or a regular customer, you can nominate your favourite shop, to help Octopus select up to 108 shops across 18 districts to take part.  Each shop will be given $8,000 digital marketing funding to gain more exposure and grow its business.

Nominate your favourite local shops now!

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